Honda Upgrades the Accord: Adding Wireless Apple CarPlay for a Seamless Connection

Honda Accord

Honda has good news for owners of 2018-2022 Accord models who crave a wire-free smartphone experience: a dealer-installable upgrade for wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is now available. This exciting addition, announced in late January 2024, caters to roughly 631,000 Accords originally equipped with wired-only versions of these popular smartphone integration platforms.

“Enhancing the ownership experience and market value of Honda vehicles already in use is a key strategy in pursuit of our goal to have zero environmental impact by 2050,” said Jay Joseph, vice president of the Sustainability & Business Development Division at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., highlighting the initiative’s alignment with Honda’s sustainability efforts.

The upgrade comes at a reasonable cost, with a suggested price of $112  (plus labor). Plus, it doesn’t require replacing any existing hardware – it leverages the Accord’s built-in capabilities to unlock wireless connectivity. This means a quick software update at your local Honda dealership is all it takes to enjoy seamless access to your smartphone’s apps, music, navigation, and voice assistants on the go, without the hassle of cords.

So, if you’re an Accord owner who wishes their car had gone wireless, head to your nearest Honda dealership to learn more about this convenient and affordable upgrade. It’s a simple way to breathe new life into your Accord’s infotainment system and make your drives more enjoyable and connected.


  • The upgrade does not require any additional hardware besides a software update.
  • It is unclear if a similar upgrade will be offered for other Honda models.
  • Customers can schedule an appointment at their local Honda dealership for installation.


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