These 7 AI Tools Will Actually Make You Money

These 7 AI Tools Will Actually Make You Money

AI is reshaping the world, with a constant influx of innovative tools from AI art to voice clones. While these are exciting, not all serve your business effectively. After extensive testing, I’m sharing AI tools that can save you time and boost profits.

  1. Jasper AI – Best for content creation (articles).
  2. Immerse – Best for image searching and customization.
  3. 10Web – Best for website creation.
  4. CF Spark – AI Patterns – Best for digital paper design.
  5. Opus Clip – Best for content creation and promotion.
  6. Tome – AI Presentation Builder – Best for creating presentations.
  7. Looka – Personal Brand Designer – Best for logo and branding material design.

1. Meet Jasper – Your Brand’s Best Friend

You’ve likely heard of ChatGPT, a chatbot with some limitations. Meet Jasper, specializes in creating long-form content and aiding your marketing efforts. Jasper can craft blog posts, product descriptions, and more, all in your unique brand voice.

Customizing Your Brand Voice with Jasper

Jasper lets you fine-tune your brand voice. By analyzing your existing work, it learns to mimic your style. This ensures your content remains distinct and aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

2. Immerse – The AI Image Hunter

Image Search Engine Powered by AI

For sellers on platforms like Etsy, Immerse is a game-changer. It’s an AI reverse image search engine that helps you find and customize images.

Finding and Customizing Images with Immerse

Immerse scours the web for images similar to your inspiration. With this tool, you can transform images and use them in your online store, ultimately saving you valuable time and effort.

3. 10Web – An AI-Powered Website Builder

10 web website builder powered by Ai - Create a website using AI Website Builder,
host it on 10Web Hosting, and optimize it with
PageSpeed Booster.

Creating a website is a time-consuming endeavor, but 10Web’s AI-powered website builder streamlines the process. Here’s how it can help you launch a stunning website in minutes.

Rapid Website Creation with 10Web

You don’t need to be a tech expert to launch a polished website. Answer a few questions about your business, and 10Web’s AI generates content and images tailored to your responses. You can customize every aspect, from text to branding.

Additional Tools to Elevate Your Business

In addition to Jasper, Immerse, and 10Web, there are several more AI tools to aid your business. Consider exploring:

  • AI Assistant: Enhance your productivity with an AI-powered assistant.
  • Business Name Generator: Find the perfect name for your brand effortlessly.
  • AI Marketing Strategy Generator: Craft effective marketing strategies using AI insights.

4. Creative Fabrica Spark – Expanding Your AI Arsenal with Creative Fabrica Spark

Jumping into CF Spark, Creative Fabrica has an entire suite of AI tools that I highly recommend exploring. These tools, including the AI generator, AI writer, and AI coloring pages, have the potential to revolutionize your creative journey. Today, we’re diving deep into CF Spark’s AI patterns, which can be a game-changer for digital paper sellers on platforms like Etsy.

Generating Stunning Digital Paper with AI Patterns

CF Spark’s AI patterns are a boon for digital paper enthusiasts. Whether it’s watercolor textures or vintage designs, these patterns are a hit. Let’s explore how you can harness the power of AI patterns.

  • Step 1: Discover Inspirations: Start by thinking about the style you want. In this example, we’ll search for “blush and navy marble quartz texture gold painting.”
  • Step 2: Generate Patterns: CF Spark will provide you with patterns inspired by your prompts.
  • Step 3: Unleash Your Creativity: Customize these patterns to make them your own.

With CF Spark, you can create a treasure trove of digital paper designs for your Etsy store, opening up exciting new sales opportunities.

5. Opus Clip – Your Shortcut to Viral Content

If you’re a content creator on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, Opus Clip is your secret weapon. This AI tool transforms long-form videos into engaging short clips, saving you time and expanding your content’s reach.

Crafting Viral Clips with Opus Clip

YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Reels with Opus Clip

Opus Clip simplifies the process of creating shareable content. Upload your long video, specify the desired clip length, and let Opus Clip work its magic. It identifies captivating moments and generates clips with the potential to go viral.

6. Tome – Your AI Presentation Partner

Creating presentations can be time-consuming, but not with Tome. Whether you’re a student or an educator, Tome streamlines the process by providing a comprehensive outline.

Effortless Presentation Building with Tome

Tell Tome what your presentation is about, and it generates an outline with relevant content and images. You can customize everything to suit your style, from theming to images and text. Tome gives you a head start on creating impressive presentations.

AI Presentation with Tome

7. Looka- Your Personal Brand Designer

Crafting a unique brand identity can be overwhelming. Looka simplifies the process by designing logos and brand materials, helping you launch your business confidently.

Streamlining Branding with Looka

Begin by entering your brand name, choose your industry, and select logos that inspire you. Looka generates professional logo designs based on your preferences. You can further customize elements like text, colors, and symbols. Looka also offers a range of branding and marketing designs to kickstart your business.

Comparison Table

AI Tool NamePricingBest ForFeaturesWebsite Link
JasperStart with $49/monthContent creation and marketingBlog posts, product descriptions, brand voice customizationVisit Site
ImmerseFree to test, subscription for high-resolution downloadsImage searching and customizationReverse image search, customization of imagesVisit Site
10WebStart for FreeWebsite creationAI website builder, AI SEO tool, AI marketing strategy generatorVisit Site
CF Spark – AI PatternsFree to test, subscription for high-resolution downloadsDigital paper designPattern generation, customization, seamless patternsVisit Site
Opus ClipFreemiumContent creation and promotionConversion of long videos to short clips, viral content generationVisit Site
Tome – AI Presentation BuilderFreemiumPresentation creationAI-generated presentation outline, customizationVisit Site
Looka – Personal Brand DesignerLogo PackageLogo and branding material designLogo customization, branding, and marketing designsVisit Site
Comparison Table

This transformational AI toolkit can streamline your operations, save time, and boost profitability. Whether you’re a content creator, online seller, or aspiring entrepreneur, these tools can be your secret weapon in the AI-powered world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How does Jasper maintain my brand’s voice?

Jasper learns from your past work, ensuring that your content sounds like you. By analyzing your existing content, it can imitate your unique style effectively.

Q2: Can Immerse help me find images for commercial use?

Yes, Immerse helps you discover images for commercial use by searching for similar images and pointing you in the right direction.

Q3: How long does it take to create a website with 10Web?

Creating a website with 10Web is incredibly fast. It can generate a fully functional website in a matter of minutes, saving you the hassle of starting from scratch.

Q4: What is CF Spark’s AI Patterns tool best suited for?

CF Spark’s AI Patterns tool is ideal for those looking to design digital paper for online marketplaces such as Etsy. It can help you create stunning patterns, from watercolor textures to vintage designs.

Q5: Are there any costs associated with using CF Spark’s AI Patterns?

You can test out CF Spark’s AI Patterns for free, but a subscription is required to download patterns in high resolution. However, we’ve partnered with CF Spark to offer you your first 10 downloads for free. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Q6: Can Opus Clip be used for platforms other than YouTube?

Absolutely. Opus Clip is versatile and can help you create short clips for various platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts, saving you time and expanding your content’s reach.

Q7: How does Tome’s AI Presentation Builder work?

Tome simplifies the presentation creation process. You start by specifying the topic of your presentation, and it generates a full outline with relevant content and images. You can then customize everything to match your style, from themes to text and images.

Q8: Can Looka design more than just logos?

Yes, Looka offers a comprehensive branding package, helping you design a complete brand identity, including logos, social media content, business cards, and more. It’s a one-stop solution for establishing your brand.

Q9: What additional AI tools can improve my business?

Besides Jasper, Immerse, and 10Web, there are other AI tools like AI Assistant, Business Name Generator, and AI Marketing Strategy Generator that can revolutionize your business.

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